About me

Meet Me!

I love food, cooking, baking and life. I love the magic that is to be found in the home and in the kitchen. That magic that is shared with others at the table is special too.

Whenever I travel I head straight for the nearest market where I can immerse myself in colour and culture, smell and smiles. And of course I love to eat new things and to come home and cook them.

Things you should know about me.

I have 3 wonderful children who amaze me every day. How my babies grew into such extraordinary young people so quickly is one of life’s mysteries. When I need advice I go to them – and they are so wise, sensible and astute. And brave. Incredibly brave.

I have been married for years and years – to my absolute best friend.

I love chocolate and my new discovery in chocolate is Kladdkaka (Swedish Sticky Chocolate Cake). I will post the recipe – I promise you it is the stuff of dreams!

I grew up in Africa, Kenya to be more specific. A melting pot of cultures, a place of wonderful memories, smells, tastes, colours and smiles. So many smiles! This is where I learned to cook.

I live in Devizes in Wiltshire, a place that literally sparkles in the sunshine. There’s a weekly general market here, a collectors market, a lovely indoor market and farmers and continental markets that add colour and life to the sparkle. It’s a proper old fashioned market town.

I am embracing the grey in my hair. It’s all the rage you know (to have grey hair) so here goes. I’m loving it I think.

I am a fully qualified teacher.

I want to be my own boss (doesn’t everybody?)

My claim to fame is that I applied for the Great British Bakeoff. Unfortunately I did not get accepted so it’s not a claim to fame really – although I did once drop a large pizza into the lap of a pop star (Paul Weller).

My favourite food quotes:

“This is my invariable advice to people:
Learn how to cook —try new recipes
learn from your mistakes.
and above all have fun.”
Julia Child

“Life is uncertain….eat dessert first!” Ernestine Ulmer