A Delushious vision

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So, how do you start writing about your vision? Or your dreams and plans. In many ways pinning those thoughts onto paper, or in this case, onto a screen and then into the web is a way of allowing them to fly. They are quite precious and secret but should they always be that? Or do we give them freedom to fly, float, spread and take root. Should they be allowed to grow?

There comes a time (or in my case there are/ have been many times) when we need to stop, rest and re-evaluate our lives. If we stop and re-evaluate is it a form of failure or a natural process we need to go through? We look at our lifestyle and ask what fulfilment means to us? What are our priorities? What skills have we acquired in our busy, varied lives? What about challenges? When the time comes will we be able to manage? How?

These are questions I have asked myself recently. Answering them has been enlightening – and I can feel the fog and oppression of overwork beginning to lift. I can stand on my tiptoes and look over the horizon again. I can stop saying “What will I do?”, and start to say “This is me! This is what I will do!”

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