Life at 16S

We have a new challenge! And we are living the dream – we are a team my husband and me. Life at 16S is good. 16S is the exact number of our new allotment.

We are gardeners that dabble. Our garden at home is tiny and every year we manage to hang a few baskets, grow a few tomatoes, some runner beans, trim a few daisies, battle with the dandelions, prune the rose bush, raise a few herbs and spend the warmer days outside. I am a collector of containers in which I grow plants, I have no idea what they are called. They die in winter, and resemble dry twigs in Spring but mostly, they flower beautifully in the summer months so I keep them. Mr H (my hubby) has a way with geraniums – he brings them into the porch every winter and puts them back outside every summer where they provide a riot of colour. Geraniums remind me of France and I dream of a small cottage there with window boxes full of scarlet flowers baked by the sun…..but that is for another time. the garden has always been enough but only just and we’ve halfheartedly thought about an allotment (well quarterheartedly really).

Every summer I note all the lovely photos of produce grown by friends as they share through Facebook. To be honest I’ve always thought it would be too much like hard work and we’ve never really had the time. But I love all the shades of green that bombard me at this time of year. And I adore flowers, I photograph them, I draw them, I try to grow them and I truly admire them (I should have been a botanist or a naturalist) So what came over me the other day when I decided to ring the council and ask about one? I have no idea. I hadn’t even consulted Mr H….. the madness descended. Me (a basically very lazy individual) a gardener? It is laughable. I blame the indoor mushroom kit I bought that yielded me four mushrooms.

So what did I do? I rang the Town council and spoke to Sarah. Now……I fully thought that Sarah would say:

“Sorry. No can do….you will have to wait. 10 years at least.” And the madness would leave me.

But what did Sarah say? To my complete surprise she said,

“Yes. As a matter of fact we have one coming up next week.”

Ohmygoshnextweek. I was unprepared. She took my name. My address. My number. Put me on the waiting list – although there was no list. She suggested I take a walk up there and look before making any decisions then come back to her. Pay my money.(£30 deposit plus £12:25 a year)

She would draw up a contract, and I would have an allotment.

So, to Mr H’s surprise, when he came home from work, he had to scoff his dinner and come with me for a walk.

And that was when the God’/Goddess of Allotments cast his/her spell. We took a walk along the canal, to the bridge, took a left into Quakers walk and then a right into the allotments. We were powerless. It was a beautiful Friday evening. The birdsong was frantic and the sun was setting. What could we say? Take a look!





I had no choice. I went the next day with my money. They only needed the deposit – the actual fee is not due until September. They are practically giving it away.

And so the challenge has begun. We have some seedlings. Brian, the friendly guy next to us told us how lucky we are. The plot had belonged to Bill for a number of years, he spent two hours up there every morning. Even in Winter. His wife is too poorly for him to continue and so he gave it up. Number 16 is the best one up there. so now we are RESPONSIBLE. Number 16S has had a lot of love and Brian has left us many plants, a crop of potatoes (under ground and in a tunnel). Parsnips, carrots, flowers, raspberries. We have met Cindy (Number 16N) who is in the same position as us. (ALSO FEELING RESPONSIBLE).

Oy vey! Here we go!



Have a look here if you want to read more of my gardening exploits.

Ah February

Home grown tomatoes and responsive cooking.

N.B. Names have been changed 🙂


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  1. How delightful to inherit such a well loved garden! I have considered doing the same but don’t have the time to commit this year. I am looking forward to reading all about your journey, do keep posting x and good luck!


    1. I will do thank you – already the weeds are taking hold but they are only small ones. I planted my sunflowers and runner beans yesterday x

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