Californian Pine Cones

These  beauties are extremely rare, native of the coastal mountains of Southern California. These cones are harvested from remote areas in the mountains and only grow in certain altitudes and specific regions.  The outstanding characteristic the species of pine tree is the large, spiny cones. They are giant spiky, sticky pine cones and the pine tree is amazingly small compared the size of them.

We collected these last year in California, and sadly had to leave them behind because there was no space in the suitcase. Probably a good thing to leave them in their native land. The smell of them was wonderful – it filled the air outside and in our room too. A must is to go back there, to smell that smell again and walk in those beautiful mountains.  You can see we collected some small ones too but they were nothing next to those giant beauties. IMAG0996[1]

Welcome to my daily blog where I will be sharing my photos for one month and any thoughts they inspire, just for the joy of it.  


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