Wiltshire rambling

Do you appreciate excellence and beauty? For you, what is the ‘Wow’ factor?  What sets you off? A beautiful sunset? Art or beautiful music? A master at play on the golf course, tennis or squash court? Being witness to an act of extraordinary kindness?

This ability to appreciate beauty or excellence is considered to be a measure of perception and sensitivity and people who feel a sense of wonderment at the world have a heightened sense of what constitutes excellence.

I really think that Wiltshire sparkles in the sunshine and it is true the past few months have lacked much of that but there has still been much to appreciate in the outdoors. Being a mostly rural county characterised by wide valleys and chalky downland there are plenty of walks to be taken outdoors and much to see and appreciate outside. You may notice there are no snow photos and this is because I tend to avoid it like the plague and not because we didn’t get any this year! My social media was peppered with snow day photos and that was quite enough for me so I stayed inside.

Sometimes it has been the moss on the the bark of a tree, the distant rusty red of a dogwood, stone patterns on a floor or naked branches reaching into the sky that has caught my eye. Here are just a few photos to enjoy.


Why not try to develop your sense of wonder? Whatever it is that creates your Wow moment, spend time cultivating it; it might be the world, or the people around you and doing so may enrich your appreciation and experience of life’s gifts.

Try taking mindful walks.  Walk slowly, opening all your senses to the world around you and try to clue yourself in to all that can be observed and enjoyed.

Use the camera on your phone or digital camera to capture the beauty you spot in your daily life.  Why not make a deal with yourself to take one photo of something you think is beautiful every day for a month.  How long will it be before you find yourself seeking, and finding, beautiful people places and things every day.



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