Big grey bullies?

What do you make of squirrels? Love them or loathe them? Are they bullies or are they simply misunderstood?

In Europe grey squirrels are notorious for displacing  red squirrels. They eat more than the native reds, eat more at ground level and can digest acorns, which the red ones can’t. They also carry a deadly pox virus which does not affect them. Grey squirrels were introduced to the UK from the America in the late 19th or early 20th century. They’re now widespread throughout England south of Cumbria and Wales, and common in local pockets in Scotland.

They are bigger and bolder then red squirrels, who are tiny and very timid.

I love all squirrels – red or grey. They are mischievous, cheeky, nosy rodents. They can be a bit pesky and mess with our gardens and steal our bird food. They are well known and frequently seen.

Here are a few photos of squirrels we have seen on our travels! Enjoy! If you look carefully you will see a difference in them. The ones we saw in Kenya and California were the wildest although by no means shy and the New York and Edinburgh ones were the bravest/ nosisest.

Morro Bay Squirrel California
Morro Bay Squirrel California
Morro Bay Squirrel California

Washington squirrel
Washington Squirrel, USA
New York
Central Park Squirrel, New York
Tsavo squirrel 1
Tsavo East African Bush Squirrel, Kenya
Tsavo squirrel 2
Tsavo East African Bush Squirrel, Kenya

Princes Street Squirrel, Scotland
Princes Street Squirrel, Scotland
Princes Street Squirrel, Scotland
Princes Street Squirrel, Scotland


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  1. I think they are fun to watch, its nature in action the stronger will aways win – its just us that ascribes negative connotations. They are merely doing what all creatures do surviving.

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