Whatever’s good for the soul – do that!

“I have been a Seeker and still am
But I stopped asking the books and the stars.
I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.”


There’s been a definite change in the air this past week. With the passing of the Spring Equinox, in our hemisphere at least, the days are going to be longer than the nights. At least until the summer solstice on June 21st.  So we will now be waking up to brighter mornings and will no longer be trekking home in the dark. I for one, feel wholly and entirely different which has got me to thinking about the past 2 years.


It is not quite two years since I gave up my job as a teacher. To this day my first blog post and the one following it shortly after explaining why I gave up teaching are the most read posts. When I quietly turned of my computer and slipped from my office that day, walking away from a secure, well paid job I knew I’d never come back.

It is my belief that we, as women are conditioned to adopt the role of the giver. We are constantly giving. We allow ourselves to become so busy and efficient.  We aspire to this so much and find that we then can barely feel ourselves, nor recognise how empty we have allowed our selves to become.

I realised how preoccupied I had been and what I could do and give to others: my family, my friends, my students and my colleagues. So focused and obsessed about taking care of everyone, and making each of them happy, that I had forgotten about my own self.

And then suddenly, I no longer had to prove myself to anyone. My family only wanted to see me happy.

What next?

I would love to say that I woke up from a deep slumber, was left with nothing to be afraid of any longer, and felt a lightness and sense of peace.  But that is untrue.

I was shattered, exhausted and unhappy. The dis-empowerment I felt was phenomenal – it took months to recover from this. I felt betrayed by the unfairness of the decision by my previous employers to award a pay rise to a male colleague and not to me. I’m told this is historic and to be expected, a completely unacceptable argument. I then found myself in an untenable situation with my new employers, having agreed to take on more that I should have. I was unable to fight back, unable to ask for, seek or accept help. It was at times very dark and difficult.

But, one of the first things I did was begin writing this blog – if you’ve followed from the start you’ll know it began life as a food blog – recipes, peppered with stories, and plans for my small cookery school. This blog has brought me joy and made me happy. The beginning of 2018 brought me to a point where I decided carry out a focused ‘journey’ aimed at living simply and well. At this, almost the end of March I am feeling fantastic. Is this due to the spring equinox? Or the result of eating at least double the amount vegetables I was eating previously? Or due to drinking more herbal teas and glasses of water? Less sugar? Because of more exercise?

I don’t know the answer but I have tried all of them. I have suffered with a bad cold and a nasty infection of the ear canal but what I am talking about is not ‘health’ but of well-being. Being able to say I am living well has become important.sunflower-sun-summer-yellow.jpg

So many people have told me they feel overwhelmed and want to make some kind of change. I am no expert but here are a few simple tips which could help you make a few changes for the better.

Inner Connection

What brings you joy? Try to find that something you love doing. Whatever is good for your soul….do that! It may not make you lots of money and you may not have room for it in a focused and busy life. But try to make some room for it – you won’t regret it!

For me it is creativity and colour. Without colour life would be terribly dull!



20150810_181336 - Copy - Copy

Rest and Relaxation:

Are you able to step back occasionally to smell the roses, take deep breaths, to marvel at nature? Enjoy yourself. Rest, relax and play when you can.



How are you feeding your body? What foods make you feel tired and unwell, and which ones nourish and energise you? Be mindful of what you put in your body. Remember your body is your temple and your soul resides inside it. Take care of it. Enjoy your meals.


Movement and Exercise.

Are you giving your body the movement it needs to feel happy and energised? Create a rhythm and lifestyle that supports you.



Do you work? What are your reasons for working?

A very simple list of reasons follows. It is quite child like but it makes sense.

Why do we work.

  1. Social contact
  2. Money – to spend on ourselves or loved ones/ invest/ pay bills
  3. Satisfaction

How are you showing up each day at work? Do you give your all and are you kind to your fellow workers? Give your time and undivided attention to the tasks at hand, and compassion and kindness to all you come into contact with.


Charity: Do you give of your time and your resources when you can to those in need? To those who give, more is given. Sharing is caring.


So now for me where next?

My blog really began life as a business blog – it’s purpose was to drum up some business for me and it was very successful. It is beginning to change a little and I’ve re-categorised it as a home and lifestyle blog thus gaining more readers but less business. This makes complete sense to me. What would be great would be for me to continue to make money from it. Hmmmm….well not for the time being as I have plans of a different kind.  For now I feel more energised and happier. More at peace with myself and with the world in which I live. There have been many changes and many adventures and I look forward to new ones. I am beginning a new journey – following a different path and so you may well see much less of my business here, depending on how it goes.

You have to settle for nothing less than being FULLY ALIVE, to show up and be who you are, and share your gifts.

Gabrielle Roth


7 Comments Add yours

  1. What a lovely post – I left teaching as well – and I haven’t regretted it. I also found my blog evolved over time -it takes a while to find your voice. I love your photography, and those blankets are delightful.


  2. Brilliant! You should be a life coach! Thanks for sharing your insight.


    1. Ah well Jackie thank you….I’ve got plans…..:) xxx


  3. Victoria says:

    Beautiful, so well said, reading it makes me feel like I need to look at my life and rethink it.
    I’m so happy that you are happy and in a good place right now.
    Keep blogging xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, very kind words x


  4. Thank you for writing this post. It touches on so much.


    1. I’m glad you liked it. thank you 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

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