There is more to life than increasing it’s speed.

Hard to believe that February is over isn’t it? I hope 2018 is off to a good start for you and you are keeping to your New Year’s resolutions ok? Mine are going pretty well, mostly. One of my most popular posts was my one about plans for  A year of well-being and simple living, my aim is to recap at the end of each month in 2018, this being my February one.

I like the idea of simple living. My yoga teacher gave us the fab Gandhi quote I used for my post title so my end of February post is dedicated to the word SLOW. I’m not sure whose words I have used below but I’ve adapted them slightly.

Slow is not Old. Inactive. Not frustrating. Slow is a position. A State of Mind. Slow is looking differently at the world.

Seeing objects, animals and people or landscapes from a new Perspective.

Slow is a place.

Slow is where time doesn’t stand still. It expands. Slowly.

You see more things by slowing down.

Immersing yourself in local life. Meeting local people. Eating local food. Enjoying local hospitality. Exploring beautiful countryside. And feeling Energised.



Coming up we have the Spring equinox which falls on March 20th this year in the Northern Hemisphere, or the arrival of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

Here are some signs to be looking out for!

  • Worms begin to emerge from the earth. The March full moon is called The Full Worm Moon for this reason.
  • The arc of the Sun shifts over the sky towards the north. Birds are migrating northward, following the path of the Sun.
  •  Increasing sunlight is triggers birdsong.
  • Trees, shrubs, and flowers are also sensitive to temperature and the length of the day. Since ancient days, people have used them as indicators of when the weather is right for planting. Did you know that blooming crocus are your cue to plant radishes, parsnips and spinach?
  • Ready, set, plant! March is time to start gardens and sow seeds.

Here are 5 of my favourite happy and inspirational spring quotes from authors and poets.


“Come with me into the woods. Where spring is advancing, as it does, no matter what, not being singular or particular, but one of the forever gifts, and certainly visible.”

–Mary Oliver


“That is one good thing about this world–there are always sure to be more springs.”

–L.M. Montgomery


“If people did not love one another, I really don’t see what use there would be in having any spring.”

– Victor Hugo


“When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest. The only thing that could spoil a day was people, and if you keep from making engagements, each day had no limits. People were always the limiters of happiness except for the very few that were as good as spring itself.”

–Ernest Hemingway


“Spring drew on…and a greenness grew over those brown beds, which, freshening daily, suggested the thought that hope traversed them at night and left each morning brighter traces of her steps.”

–Charlotte Brontë


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  1. What lovely quotations – Slow is such a great mantra I like it. I find as time goes on, it is harder to clear my mind and slow down, but it is a good word to focus on for March.. thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome and yes it does get harder! But if you focus it can help and certainly calms you (or me at least)

      Liked by 1 person

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