Ah! February!

Hello there! Thank you for swinging by to see me lovely reader. How are you doing? It’s really good to see you again or if it is your first visit welcome – so nice to see you. I have had a flurry of new followers to my blog which makes me so happy. I’m writing about things that interest people and that feels good.

How’s your week going? Has it been kind to you? I hope so. How great it was to get up to blue skies and a clear morning here in Wiltshire. On days like these I love it even more here in this pretty county! Things are happening underground and Spring is almost here.

I’m super excited. Shall I tell you why? I’m planning to turn my hand to gardening. What better than to have Suzie’s Kitchen, (with it’s already pretty little backyard where I can sit and drink my coffee on a warm sunny day) and Suzie’s Garden? In my minds’ eye I can see the homegrown veggies, herbs, bumblebees and butterflies buzzing around colourful wildflowers and lots of lovely, lush green leaves and sunshine. Have a look the next time you venture on a walk at the different varieties of green nature throws at us. Aren’t they wonderful?


Every year there are plants in my garden. I grow them for lots of reasons – mainly to please the soul. But also it is the challenge….the challenge to the elements (and the snails), the challenge of my patience, the enjoyment of  nostalgia and novelty, and the enjoyment of seeing them grow. This year I am going to take the challenge further and grow from seed.  There is a need to think outside of the box, however as the garden has fallen into a bit of a rut…..I know what works and have planted the same few things every year. There are the permanent evergreens. Tomatoes. Runner Beans. Strawberries. Annuals from the garden centre. Pelagoniums 


It all began with a magazine article suggesting that I grow my own cut flowers for the house. It’s easy, the article said…..all you have to do is…….

My plans were soon underfoot with a sketch of my front garden (currently an eyesore with little kerb appeal). I did my research and asked my hubby if he’d build me window boxes, raised beds and a border box. I sketched the back garden and then I wrote a list.  It was time for some retail therapy. Luckily I live very close to a garden centre so off I trundled returning with a stash of seeds that left me gasping at their expense. They’d better all grow!

This is what I brought home.

I’ve planted up the perennials and the bulbs already, so now I have a nursery in my porch way at home. I want the germination process to be quick although I do know that this takes time. Soon I will have little shoots to nurture and look after!

For nostalgic reasons I have planted Blue Agapanthus, or Lily of the Nile., because my grandmother had parallel rows of them planted either side of her driveway leading to her farm in Kenya. That stunning blue colour is one of life’s enduring memories.

Who doesn’t love sweet peas and cornflowers, they remind me of summer romances and weddings.  And there’s something rather wonderful about rows of sunflowers peeping over the fence showing themselves off to passers by. Where I see sunflowers I think of children.

My novelty plant is the Sea Holly, something I’ve never thought of before but am intrigued by. The germination process is long and this will surely test my patience! I have to hide the seeds away for up to five months. (Obviously after planting in compost.)


My dreams are big and I am looking forward to Spring! Come back soon to see how they fare…..


Thanks for swinging by! Remember

Never Stop Dreaming


If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need.


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  1. carolee says:

    Best of luck in your new adventure.


    1. Carolee – thank you 🙂


  2. Your garden looks delightful – I tried my hand at gardening a few times but I’ve struggled mostly because I ended up with far too many seedlings! It will be wonderful to see your garden grow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you – I haven’t bee entirely truthful as my hubby does help me a lot. 🙂 I’ll be careful not to end up with too many seedlings though x

      Liked by 1 person

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