How to create a life that feels good on the inside as well as on the outside.

Don’t you think January has been a long month?! I don’t know about you but that stretch between December and January pay day has felt pretty cavernous – dark and deep and long!


But January has given a bit of love to me too. It has been a time of quiet and new beginnings. In my first post of the year A year of well-being and simple living , I talked a little on planing how to live life in a simpler, healthier way. January is the perfect time to refocus and set your goals. I guess that’s why we all go for New Year resolutions.

What did you decide to do differently in January? And how did you get on?

A few years ago I worked in a place that had some, shall we say, horrible, staff dynamics. Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t everyone, but there were a few that seemed to cause others, and me, a lot of pain. I resolved to them in the way they treated me.You’d think that would be a good resolution wouldn’t you? And so I gave them a taste of their own medicine. Lol. That actually didn’t feel good at all, especially on the inside. I didn’t like myself much for doing it. What felt better was to leave and cut them from my life. That felt good!

This year I’m looking at creating a life that feels good on the inside. In the cold winter months it will be great to feel warm and fuzzy inside!


So how did I get on? My idea was to increase my healthy food intake by focusing on vegetables and fruit. I also planned to increase my exercise levels by going for a daily walk regardless of the weather as well as commit to going to a yoga class every week. On top of this I decided to sign up for an Easter Craft Fair which meant lots and lots of lovely creativity. On top of a day job, running a  small business and family life this would keep me out of mischief and help me feel good (on the inside).

I kept a journal to track my vegetable/ fruit intake and activity levels. Looking through it I’m happy to report that all was well food wise (no surprise there), although the cold weather put a stop to my getting active walks a bit. Around about day 17 it got harder – well no surprise there after all isn’t that about the time everyone gives up on a New Year’s Resolution?

I didn’t give up though. I found keeping a food journal a useful way to track mood and food. I really did find that eating my greens (leeks, spring greens, spinach. broccoli, sprouts etc) had a calming effect apparently due to the magnesium contained in them, zingy lemon drinks with chilli and ginger gave me more zing and I even made myself some sauerkraut and liked it! Sauerkraut contains prebiotics and is thought to improve gut function.

I feel pretty good, apart from a winter lurgy which set me back this past week. I wish I could say there’s a difference in my waistline but unfortunately not. Clearly, my activity levels need a boost, a big one.

My crafting has taken over a bit and my house has become a crochet factory.

Yoga has felt good but what really surprised me was the fact that taking a break from it made it quite a bit harder to go back to doing and I’ve had to retrain myself to relax properly again.

I found some great advice which I will pass on to you, about well-being and healthy eating.

  1. Eat lots of different stuff.
  2. Not too much and not too little.
  3. Try to achieve a bit of balance.
  4. Try not to feel guilty. Most important, never make anybody else feel guilt or shame about what they eat.



Hello February!

To all of those reading this I really hope that something good happens for you this month.

Join me in February, I’ll be focusing on physical and mental fitness.



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