Crochet Poncho

The decision to make a poncho first came to me on a cold winter’s day when the chilly wind reminded me how much I dislike it.  As a child in the 70’s I loved my poncho which my lovely old Granny made for me and as I’m often very chilly in the house, in the mornings and in the evenings I decided it was time to go back to them.  There’s something about a poncho which reminds me of a lovely cosy warm hug. Just what’s needed sometimes.

Fawn poncho 4

I do love making the rows and watching my work grow…and grow….and grow! I’ve done coloured ones and plain ones and can’t decide which I like the best! I love to lose myself in the repetitive rhythm and I love the way my needle sings its way through the work. Row upon row, colour upon colour, layer upon layer, it’s quite mesmerising! Even when working with a lovely Aran tweedy wool there’s something rather beautiful in the way the work grows and changes, even if the colour stays the same.

Ponchos really are ideal to wear, warm and soft, Autumn or Winter and they make a great alternative to a jacket. A bit like a chunky winter scarf you can’t have too many!

They really are very easy to make, my advice to you is to follow a basic pattern though. You can find lots of free patterns on the internet which are super easy to follow. I once tried working freely without a pattern and found myself undoing and redoing the garment a lot because it got overly frilly and baggy. My first stop when looking for something crocheted and beautiful is often the fabulous Attic 24. 

colour poncho 1

I followed the advice from Lucy at Attic 24  when I made my first one using a very similar colour scheme. Basically I made a long chain and joined it, keeping to two increase points and working my way down.

This is what Lucy suggests:

In a nutshell, the pattern consists of two rows of trebles, followed by a more open row which is a {1 treble, skip 1 stitch, chain-1} repeating pattern. There are two increase points at the centre front and back which creates the classic poncho V shape.

However, if you look carefully you will see that I did include some double crochet in my work because I liked the effect. My fawn poncho pictured further down follows Lucy’s pattern more exactly and I really like the neat, open effect.

colour poncho 2


colour poncho 3

colour poncho 5

colour poncho 4

colour poncho 6

I made a more traditional granny stripe poncho for a customer in Scotland who wanted the same colours but this time with tassels. A totally different effect but stunningly visual. She messaged me after receiving it saying she’d worn it out shopping and had been stopped by several different people asking her about it.

colour poncho 8

colour poncho 9

Colour poncho 10

My most recent commission has been a fawn Aran tweed one which has been fun and quick to do! Basically it’s 30 rows which, if you sit in front of the television every evening like I do, will only take 10 days or so. Being all one colour this one was far quicker to complete as there were not many ends to sew in!

fawn poncho 1

Fawn poncho 3IMAG1345[1]Fawn poncho 4

So, now that I’m finishing my blog post I’m wearing my lovely warm poncho. Let me leave you with a note about why it is good to learn a new craft, which I found in a lovely book about well-being.

Did you know that craft activities can help to reduce the risk of memory loss as you age?

There has been some research carried out (by The Mayo Clinic) that showed those of us who craft have a 40% less likelihood of developing memory loss. Apparently undertaking and persevering with projects in quilting, pottery and knitting is especially beneficial.

I wonder if crochet applies to this too? 🙂

Have a lovely weekend folks! And thank-you for coming to see me. Don’t forget to let me know if I’ve convinced you to make yourself a lovely cosy poncho!


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  1. Megala says:

    Wow ! Love this beautiful & colorful poncho !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh… I’m going to hop on over to Lucy’s blog to find her poncho pattern. Thank you 🙂


    1. Enjoy! Let me know how you get on. If you need any help let me know and I will try to help x


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