Easy midweek cooking

Here’s an easy midweek supper recipe!

Or after a heavy weekend where you have perhaps over indulged in the food department with a traditional roast dinner and warming dessert why not go for a light, easy Monday meal?

Last week I posted about having a Meatless Monday Vegetable Casserole, which got lots of interest so I decided to do another recipe using some very simple ingredients, thus making it very cheap and also healthy!

Savoy Cabbage is a member of the brasica family, so versatile and can be cooked in many ways although it suits simple methods the best. It contains high levels of anti oxidants and minerals too making it really good for you

It can be prepared and cooked in a multitude of ways. It suits simple cooking methods well – it is wonderful when blanched and finished off in a hot pan with a knob of butter and some pancetta and garlic, perhaps.

I always use a Delia Smith Recipe and it’s good to give her the credit for this simple yummy meat free meal! Or you can add some chopped bacon if going meat free is not really your thing! This dish is also excellent with sausages and jacket potatoes.


This recipe is taken from Delia Smith’s How Complete Cookery Course and Delia Smith’s Complete Illustrated Cookery Course Serves 2-3


1 cabbage, shredded, any variety but I use Savoy cabbage

1 medium onion chopped finely

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 garlic clove, crushed

salt and pepper to taste


Take a large frying pan and begin by frying the onion  in olive oil for about 5 minutes.

Then add the crushed garlic and cook for another 2 or 3 minutes. Now stir in the shredded cabbage (which will seem rather bulky at first, but as the heat gets to it, it will start to collapse) and keep stirring it now and then so it cooks evenly. Season with freshly milled pepper, but taste before adding salt if you decide to add chopped bacon.

The cabbage should cook in about 10 minutes and still retain its crispness, but if you prefer it softer put a lid on the frying pan – which will give it some steam.


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