Stress-Free Saturday

Mindfulness Art Workshop

So, to continue from my Art for Relaxation Classes blog post we held an art workshop for adults yesterday and it was so good. My invitation to you went like a bit like this:

This is the perfect way to spend a cold winter’s afternoon! Switch off from the demands of family life and your job and join me to let yourself become absorbed in something creative.

And that is what we did. I prepared some cake, simple Victoria Sponge, and some Anzac biscuits which were a bit of an experiment because I used a low fat, dairy free alternative to butter to reduce the fat content. They were great! So I will be using more of that in my cooking.

It was a bit of a nerve racking deviation for me inviting adults into my home and not cooking but doing something so different but it turned out really well and I recieved a lovely message.

Thk you so much for a fabulousssssss afternoon Suzie .I enjoyed every minute. It was so relaxing, calming and creative. The cake was yummy too and the Biscuits well what can I say? apart from can I have more please. Thks again.

What’s important in unlocking creativity and relaxing into doing something new is that you somehow have to allow your brain to become more receptive to ideas. This can be difficult especially when you leave childhood far behind and stop exploring, making a mess, or trying new things. Often it’s not the actual production but the starting off of something new.  What is going on in the mind dictates the mood and it can be hard to get into the mood.

My emphasis during the afternoon was on mindful art and experimentation and on using art as a contemplative and joyful, personal practice. I like to think of art as a way to explore both my inner world and my relationship with the world outside.

Thankfully I managed to help a few folks escape from the stress of November.

Thank you very much for yesterday… its inspired me to look more at painting 😊
A friend has asked me to have a painting day with him 😊 and I feel more confident in paint rather than just pencils etc. 😀

So on a day like today, where in my part of the world it is a beautiful, cold but sunny day I leave you with a rule for happiness from Immanuel Kant

Something to do,

Someone to love,

Something to hope for,

And from me,

Do what you love, love what you do.

I think I will be leading on some more art classes and of course cookery classes too! On my mind are some Vegan Cookery ‘Cook-Your-Supper’ Club sessions an ‘Indian Feast day’ as well as an Indian Street Food Session. Let me know if you’d like to be added to my mailing list folks!



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