Suzie’s Shenanigans

It has been a hugely busy few weeks! Gosh so it has……so much so I created an offer and called it my Mad March offer! Mad indeed – but in a good way

Let me tell you all about it. The month started with a much looked forward to Mexican cookery class where the children created some delicious Baked Chicken Burritos with accompaniments followed by some Mexican Rocky Road. The food the kids made was deliciously moreish and very easy. It is a great privilege to teach the the kind of food they can cook independently. Such a great skill don’t you think?

I then took myself off to my monthly business networking group which met on International Women’s Day under the title #BeBoldForChange. Somehow I missed out on the message to wear purple and turned up in my red jumper. Why purple you may ask?

Did you know purple is designated as the official colour of International Women’s Day as it symbolises justice and dignity which relates to women’s equality.  It was a good session and gave us space to think of some inspiring women in business and discuss ways in which we can be bold for change. It was interesting to consider some of our inspiring women; the range was diverse – from journalists and designers turned business women to Dragon’s Den presenters and actresses. All are role models and all have had to fight for equality. I found the meeting really hard though and was quite tearful. I won’t share the details with you my dear reader as it is too personal for a foodie blog; suffice to say there is an enormous mountain to climb and a very long journey ahead but I know all will be well in the end.


But, I came away with a message to be bold. Here is my mantra – you may have seen it before as it sits on my notice board on a post it note and I’ve quoted it before but here it is again:

Be BraveDon't worry about what other people thinkWork hardshow the workDon't stop Keep moving forward

I wondered what I could do to be bold. I thought about how I was getting on and realised my initial idea of cooking and delivering meals was not going very well. Hence the mad March offer as follows:

Suzie's Kitchen Mad March Meals Offer

It was quite a hit! In the first week I cooked and delivered 38 meals. You may be wondering how I could possibly make, cook, package and deliver a meal for one for just over £2:00 and still make a profit. The answer is I don’t really but what I wanted was for more people to at least taste my food – to give me a chance as it were. So I continued into the next week. I decided at first only to allow people to have 6 of one dish otherwise it would not be worth my while. But after that first week I changed it to allow a mix and match type of approach for people to see what they liked. I need to think carefully about how I progress from here but at least I can say there is a need for my food and people like it. I hope if I raise my prices they will understand I need earn a living!

So, in the next mad week I cooked up 18 dinners but I was not disappointed. After all I had delivered so many the week before. But I decided to be more structured in my approach so I added a caveat. All orders had to be in by a certain day in order to be delivered on 2 set days. This worked brilliantly. This week I have delivered a cracking 56 dinners to people’s doorsteps. I love this! I just want to share my cooking and seeing as though I don’t have a restaurant this is may way of doing it. In my head I want to have a pop up restaurant type of event but my heart is not yet brave enough! I did make my usual very large cottage pie for my old folks place – this is a regular montly order.

Also, in this crazy month I have catered for a rather special event. One of our local ballet schools put on a showcase evening for a pre-Disney trip. In fact they left today. It was wonderful to see the dancers rehearse as I set up and to sneakily peek at their dances. They waited outside the kitchen in their magnificent costumes and the whole evening was a great success. I came home very tired but with a smile on my face and a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Do you know that feeling dear reader? I hope you do!


Some other business-y shenanigans – I have supported a fellow entrepreneur with her cookery demonstrations (in the form of washing up and scoffing her creations). Oh my! What fun!

I have also been teaching a delightful young lady on a 1:1 basis. We had such fun making Swiss rolls with a difference. Tell me what you think!


And finally in this month. Tomorrow we have a Mother’s Day Workshop for children to come along and make their mum a super little box of homemade chocolates for Mother’s day. I’ve spent the day preparing for it and setting up. The kitchen smells heavenly – I’ve made honey fudge, honeycomb, peppermint creams, and choco-balls all in the name of trial and research but also as back up in case of any kitchen disasters.




Next week brings the last week of my Mad March Doorstep Dinners offers and a Children’s Ready Steady Bake lesson as well as an interview with Sue Davies of BBC Radio Wiltshire.

If you want to get involved check out my full range of cookery classes here Children’s Cookery School New Dates or email me at


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