Baked Chicken Burritos

These burritos are very easy to make – great to do in advance – which is why they are a recipe we use at Children’s Cookery School. Accompanied by a freshly made tomato and onion salsa, guacamole and shredded iceberg lettuce they make a lovely filling Mexican feast. They are made using lots of fresh vegetables and chicken (or turkey) breast and a little oil and grated cheese so not necessarily high in calories unless you serve some Mexican Rocky road for pudding! See my recipe roll or follow the link

This recipe serves 4 people


2 tablespoons vegetable oil

500 g chicken breast, thinly sliced and cut into strips#1 large onion, sliced

1 red pepper, cored, de-seeded and sliced

1 yellow pepper, cored, de-seeded and sliced

1 can of red kidney beans (or sweetcorn), rinsed and drained

150 g cooked rice

juice of one lime

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp paprika

8 flour tortillas

6 tbs mild/ medium hot ready made salsa

2 tablespoons pickled, sliced jalapeno chillis (optional)

8 oz grated cheddar cheese

salt and pepper

To serve

guacamole (recipe below)

1/2 iceberg lettuce (shredded),

tomato and chilli salsa (recipe below)

  1. Heat 1 tbs of the vegetable oil in a large frying pan and then add the sliced chicken in batches, stirring for 3 or 4 minutes. when it starts to colour, remove with a slotted spoon and set aside.
  2. Increase the heat, add the remaining oil and fry the sliced onions and peppers for 5 – 6 minutes. Stir them occasionally so that they colour but you don’t want them to soften too much. Reduce the heat and return the chicken to the pan. Season with the spices, salt and pepper and stir in the beans (or sweetcorn)  and the cooked rice. Add the lime juice and remove from the heat.
  3. Spoon the filling onto the tortillas, roll them up and arrange in a rectangular oven proof dish (don’t forget to grease it with a little oil first). Pour the salsa over the top and scatter with the jalapenos if you are using them and the cheese.
  4. Bake in a preheated oven, 200° C (400° F), Gas mark 6 for about 20 minutes until the cheese has just melted. Serve immediately with the little bowls of guacamole, shredded lettuce and Tomato and Chilli Salsa.


2 ripe avacados

1 finely chopped tomato

a handful of coriander leaves, chopped finely

1/2 tsp ground cumin

a squeeze of lime juice


Halve and stone the avocados, then scoop out the flesh with a spoon and put inot a bowl.

Add the chopped tomato, chopped coriander and cumin and roughly mash together with a fork. Stir in the lime juice and season to taste with salt. Serve immediately.

Tomato and Chilli Salsa

Place 500 g chopped fresh tomatoes, 1 chopped red chilli (de-seeded), 1 chopped garlic clove, 1 small chopped onion, 2 tablespoons tomato puree, 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar and 2 tablespoons sugar in a bowl and mix well. If you want to you can blend all the ingredients in a food processor until finely chopped.


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