In search of comfort

January has gone! Hello February. I am still in hibernation mode really, but I have noticed the days are getting a little longer.


They seem quite slow don’t you think? And it is a cold, grey winter which is why I am seeking comfort. The sleepy bear that is me was starting to look too squidgy with too many soft overhanging bits to my body so I decided to walk more and eat cleaner for a bit. My weakness is cake and I know I should not but I do occasionally….


I planned to walk for 20 minutes at least five times a week. Living where I do this is always enjoyable even on the least sunny of days. But…when the winter wind howls down Northgate Street as I walk up the slow and steady hill to town the bite is unkind and I resolve again to become one of those lucky souls who fly south for the winter and spend the season away from this cold climate! One day…..

In the meantime. Eating clean.

This is no fancy diet nor is it a new idea. But my cooking and eating continues along the lines that it has always done.

Use fresh ingredients. Try to cut down on red meat and all meat in general. (We try to have 3 meat free days each week at least). Make soup out of basic, simple vegetables and eat it for lunch every day. Try the link for my recipes or here’s and old favourite Lentil soup. A new soup I have discovered is Curried Parsnip and Pear Soup which is, oh me…., oh my…. it is amazing! Wonderful, simply wonderful.

Since taking control of both my finances and my life by embarking on a self-employment journey I have cut down my coffee intake to just one a day. I was told that the amount of coffee I drank was unhealthy – well to be honest I feel or see no difference but I don’t miss all those cups and I enjoy the one that I drink. I like to take a small pot of tea in the afternoons. Since I have finished my jar of spices for Sweet spiced masala tea I am drinking Early Grey. Nice. Fragrant. Weak – no cup of builder’s tea for me.


If I get wind or word of someone needing comfort I head into the kitchen for sure. My kitchen is my happy place and I cook because it makes me happy. People who are sick will get a flask of my chicken soup, if there’s a birthday or occasion on the horizon it will be cake!

Happiness comes from being in the company of others and my home is never empty – if there are no people here I spend time with the cats! But happiness also comes from having at least one great love in life,maybe more! Here is a cake I have made for a couple celebrating 57 years of marriage.

Without doubt food and cooking is one of my great loves but not the only one. Of course I love teaching and hate to be referred to as an ex-teacher or worse retired teacher. I am neither. I am a teacher who chose not to conform to a system that made her unhappy – that is all. My teaching is within my control now. Check out my New Children’s Workshops Schedule 2017 for further details. There are so many other things I love to do but I will keep them to myself for now.

This past month I have taken time to gather my thoughts, plan, reflect and relax – to take each day as it comes. My advice to myself was (is):

Try to compete with no-one but yourself.

And so – I do what I do. Each time I do it I endeavour to do better. I worry not about what others with more money, better resources, more time, more employees can do. I hit a horrible low in December with a customer who I decided not to do business with. My self-esteem took a bashing but I learnt from my mistake.

Life can be so joyful at times and at other times brings too much pain but riding the waves can be fun too; ups are followed by downs and highs by lows.In business busy times can be followed by horribly quiet times, horribly quiet times can be chased by horribly busy ones!

I see the Spring,just about, if I stand on my tip toes and so I have compiled a list of things to do in the next few months:

  • Tidy my craft room
  • Complete my crochet blanket
  • Go on more long walks
  • Enjoy some new adventures
  • Visit at least five new beaches
  • Visit more art exhibitions




4 Comments Add yours

  1. lexilem43 says:

    What an insightful blog post. Love the anniversary cake, and I am adopting your phrase ‘compete with no one but yourself’ 🙂 Happy days ahead.


    1. Yes Lexi thank you 🙂 I think I got it from a celebrity chef or someone x


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