Cooking is like love.

It should be entered into with abandon or not at all – Julia Child.


Today I am sharing my journey through the last 9 months….enjoy the visual feast!
May 2016

June 2016

July 2016

August 2016

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January 2017

When I’m working away in my kitchen (invariably whilst dancing along to some loud music), I try to work out ways in which I can serve my customers better. So here I am providing bespoke cookery classes, providing home-cooked dishes, puddings such as treacle tarts and sticky toffee puddings and lovely old fashioned home-made birthday or celebration cakes (Novelty cakes are not really my thing). I also provide cold platters, savoury tray bakes and kids party food nibbles, starters, main dishes, puddings –  I am flexible to any requirements. The idea is nothing too fancy or corporate sounding, I just want to cook for you!

thank you

Often I get when I get asked about my cooking and my cookery school I get asked what themes I follow? What type of food do I cook? Is there something I specialise in?

The answer is I cook anything – as long as it comes from fresh, good quality ingredients. Cooking with kids is fun. There is so much value to be found by bringing children into the kitchen. Yes, it is true sometimes they just want to make a mess but a mess can be cleaned up. For children, to be encouraged into the kitchen and allowed full hands-on activities is such a great opportunity to explore, create, and learn to respect and understand the ingredients. Hopefully they will come to enjoy a wide range of dishes too!

Our food can be loaded with baddies – additives, sugar, refined and processed ingredients – and these baddies are unhealthy! Too many of them can result in mood swings, behaviour issues and lapses in concentration. Not to mention obesity.

The possibilities are easy and endless and teaching children to make their own fish fingers and chicken goujons, hearty salads with avocado, home made pasta, pizza, quiches, pies, simple yet tasty curries. All fabulous, cheap and healthy. No-one is born knowing how to cook; we know that learning come from doing and cooking with children does not just involve recipes and ingredients it hooks them into using their imagination, empowers them by enabling them to take control of the food they eat and lets their creativity loose.  The same is true for us adults of course! Enjoy your food! Enjoy creating it! And remember:

You only live once!


the bowl!

Much love! Happy cooking folks



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