Crochet Crafternoon

Having been struck down with a bout of my winter madness (crochet) I decided to begin holding crochet workshops at home as well as cookery workshops, and yesterday we had the first. I really cannot get enough of this craft, so lovely are the colours and textures of the yarns I work with. I am never sated – always on the lookout or planning the next project.  A group of ladies came over to the house and we had a lovely few hours together.

Knowing it would not be easy to teach absolute beginners I set the scene.


A relaxing water feature.


Freshly baked Banana and Blueberry Bread….and cups of tea.


I prepared them a small gift each of a needle case and a small starter kit.


The plan was to make granny squares.


Waiting for the students to arrive was a little nerve wracking!


So I lit a candle!

And put some examples of what can be created if you learn this beautiful craft.

It was a fabulous afternoon – tricky at times because I had kind of assumed people would find it easy! But everyone managed to make something to take home with them and I thought they were brilliant! I hope they will become total craft addicts!

Like me… so pleased with my new project…started a short time ago. A  cosy snood…it’s going to be beautiful……




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