What is your favourite food?

What is my favourite food? Nooo! Don’t make me answer that question! 

What would you say if you were asked? These are the top 10 favourite British foods (according to one poll).

  1. Fish and Chips
  2. Roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding
  3. Full English Breakfast
  4. Bacon butties
  5. Apple crumble
  6. Strawberries and cream
  7. Bangers and mash
  8. Cream tea
  9. Shepherd’s pie
  10. Crumpets

Another poll gives these:

  1. Pizza
  2. Chocolate
  3. Ice cream
  4. Steak
  5. Bacon
  6. Burgers
  7. Fries
  8. Chicken
  9. Tacos
  10. Sushi

This has got me thinking though – what a tricky question. I’m pretty sure that once I think of 10 and post about them I’ll think of another 10!  I don’t go along with the lists above but off the top of my head here are mine.these are not foods I eat everyday (nor would I want to but they are foods I find hard to resist or foods I need when I need food – like when I am tired, sad or celebrating!


I love a hot bowl of porridge with brown sugar or maple syrup and raisins with handful of seeds on top. I’ve recently discovered chia seeds which I now have every time I eat porridge, and if you put blueberries on top you get an extra burst of yummy flavour. Porridge is my go to most-days breakfast.


Warm, flaky, buttery croissants with some jam and a cup of good coffee. Need I say more?


Fresh pasta with a little olive oil and garlic or pesto. I love it – I love good pasta dishes too but not cold pasta salads like the ones sold for lunches in supermarkets.


Boiled eggs with toasted soldiers (very sophisticated) or a fluffy cheese omelette or even better scrambled eggs made with lots of butter piled onto a piece of buttered, brown toast. I also love a Frittata or Spanish Omelette.

Chicken curry

I love a home cooked chicken curry – infused with plenty of spices, coriander and lemon juice.

Greek Yoghurt

Maybe this is my all time favourite food – plain, cool, fresh yoghurt. Just by itself in a bowl. I savour every spoonful. sometimes I have it with frozen summer berries which I leave until they are just about thawed out.

Beef burgers

Again, the homemade kind – I also love veggie burgers especially spicy bean burgers. Delish!


Love them! Dipped in chocolate, with cream, in a Pavlova or a smoothie. Just love them but only when they are in season otherwise I can do without!

Fish and seafood

There is such a lovely range of fish recipes and dishes available. When I lived in Kenya we used to holiday in Mombasa in self-catering cottages or camp in a tent right by the beach. the freshest of fish was sold to us by guys with baskets of the morning’s catch. My family are not keen so I never get as much fish as I would like!




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