Home….. great place to work from.

It has been five months since I decided to give up my day job and turning my lifelong hobby into a business has been fun – an adventure of sorts. The product is the easy part.

I don’t really like people referring to me as a foodie: ” A foodie is a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food”.  In a way that does describe me although I feel this definition denotes greediness. “A foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger”. I prefer this definition

Sometimes food is more than a necessity, sometimes it is my life. Sometimes I enrich my relationship with food by making, baking and cooking. I get a heightened buzz, a physical reaction when I bite into something spectacular be it a desert or a main course especially, but not only, if it is something I have made myself. To be able to share this with others gives me that same heightened buzz.

Product development is something I am really enjoying. Discovering the art of sourdough and gluten-free baking, planning interesting and fun lessons for children, exploring seasonal produce. I’d rather do that than anything – but I do have to balance admin with production and development.

Today I am sharing the 10 top tips that

help me in my work space.

  1. Mind the furniture – by this I mean make sure you are comfortable. Today I was in the bank and the cashier told me she was going to serve people while standing up because staying seated is the new killer. I feel 100% better now I am less desk bound than in my previous job however I have to be seated to complete my admin tasks and my blogging. I work at a desk my hubbie built under the stairs in our dining room but there’s enough space to store my files and office supplies.


2. Light is important – ensure you work in a well lit area. It is no good squinting or trying to do things in half light. Ideally near a window.

3. Temperature – are you warm enough? It can get very hot/ chilly – if I am doing my sugar craft I work in the sitting room with the fire on in the winter. In the summer I peel and chop vegetables in the garden

4. Stay organised – I am good at following a routine and strict about starting work by 8:30 am. My files, lesson notes and paperwork are up together (I tackle a little bit every day rather than let it mount up) and my notebook goes with me wherever I go.

dsc002705. Keep wires under control – at your desk I mean.

6. Use the right tools – if you don’t have some go out and buy them. You cannot do your best without them.

dsc003107. Create a break room – somewhere where you can leave your work and relax for an hour or so – or go out for a walk.

8. Pimp your space – a tidy desk, nice coffee mug, a memo board, few photos, somewhere to stick the endless post-it notes.

dsc002869. Listen to music – although it can be lonely working from home, you can have the music or radio on as loud as you like. I love to dance away in my kitchen while I work or have the radio on as I type.

10. Don’t rush the important things, don’t leave things until the last minute. Follow your plan. If you don’t have one make one!



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