September Serendipity

A week in the life of a fledgling business owner.

September has crept up and gifted us with a beautiful Indian summer. Forgotten are the wet and dismal days of June and July and we are basking in the glory of a heatwave with the occasional short lived thunderstorm. Peculiar feelings rise up on quiet days, which are no longer my days off but my development days where I can plan, plot, concoct and take some me time.

I am now going to start referring to my busy times as times when I am ‘fully booked’, as the word busy equates with not having time to do things, see people or fit in any new customers which is untrue. So far September has been a month filled with a series of small serendipties, discoveries, blessings and good fortunes.

Somebody wise once said:

Beware the barrenness of a busy life.

I like this! Is to be busy

  1. an opportunity to move forward?
  2. Or does it hold you back?

How can you plan ahead if you are too busy? Can you figure out your priority and work towards it when you are dizzy with busyness?

You must be able to enjoy the view.


This week I took a walk down what my children used to call ‘The Dead End’. This is what you find at the end of the dead end. I went blackberry picking – all that I could see was me. All I could hear was birdsong until one man and his dog joined me and the man told me what sloes looked like and where to find the best ones.


The hedgerows were heavy with blackberries and fortified with nettles but I did not mind gaining a few battle scars of stings and scratches for the ripe Autumn pickings.


I decided to make some bramble jelly so into the pot these glorious little fruits/ weeds went.


But I am somewhat lacking in the equipment department.  No matter – I created a contraption which worked well.


My family are convinced of my madness. And I am indeed an earth-woman. The jelly is made.

Some September days have been spent at Children’s Cookery School.



And the Sugarcraft course has begun.



The chaos of my previous life is long gone. A new priority, but a lovely one is to begin making white roses for a December wedding. Happy times! And in view of the fact that the cold nights will soon be upon us I am picking up my crochet hooks again.


Perhaps I will start craft classes too. Who knows? Definitely I will be making blankets again so if you would like one do place an order with me!


Some delicious and nutritious dinners went out to my lovely customers.

And I made a cake, which I am told was “quite simply the best coffee and walnut cake I have ever had”.

dsc00255To end my lovely friends are some rules given to me by a very wise woman.

  1. Pause.
  2. Identify your ideal outcome.
  3. Stop multi-tasking.
  4. Say no – or get help/ outsource.
  5. Enjoy the view.

Kiss kiss xxx


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