Life in Devizes Editorial Feature

I have managed 3 months in business. Daily, I ask myself if I did the right thing? I am less weighed down by feelings of  guilt and I dare to enjoy myself. But there are ups and downs and it is not all plain sailing. In an earlier post I told you how I was the marketing department, accounts, IT, payroll (haha), managing director, worker, driver, cook, bottle-washer and baker. So this means any business I get is up to (or is it down to?) me. One of the hardest things for me to do is promote myself. How do you get people to hear you above all the daily noise? The internet is one of the noisiest places – everyone has something to say. No-one has much time to read! Although – if you are thinking of following my lead by far the best place to be: I am making money from my blog, tweeting regularly, google+ing, and Facebooking a lot!

But not everyone has access to the internet. Walking the streets and delivering leaflets proved fruitless. Not. One. Lead. Market stalls were better, I didn’t sell much but I talked to lots of people (something I love to do). The local Gazette were uninterested in my story. So I decided to pay for a little bit of advertising and the magazine ‘Life in Devizes’ agreed to do a small editorial on me for which I am grateful.

Apologies if you know this already………. dsc00223

“A Kenyan upbringing with memories of campfire cooking on safari, and parents working in the catering and restaurant trade, has undoubtedly inspired Suzie House’s passion for cooking. Combine that with being married to a local Wiltshire baker and you can understand why it’s such a major part of her life. She is now sharing her knowledge of the magic of cooking delicious food using herbs, spices, recipes and ingredients from her family and international friends with the people of Devizes and Wiltshire.

In June 2016 Suzie started making home cooked food for delivery, and set-up a cookery school which she runs from her home in Devizes. Trained as a teacher, and having worked in primary and further education, her experience bodes well for her new venture. A desire for change and to be her own boss motivated her to launch Delushious Home Comforts; her mission is to spread the word about home-cooking so that people can learn about cooking and baking for themselves and share it with their family.

“It began with food blog which made me realise this is what I wanted to do and now three months on it is my most favourite thing to do. The beauty of my business is that it is growing in an organic way according to what people want. I make home-cooked meals that I deliver free within a 3 mile radius of Devizes. Children attend my cookery classes for half a day and they learn how to cook and prepare food, then they take it home to share with their families. Due to popular demand I have extended my range of classes to include lessons for adults and my newest course is a cake decorating and sugar craft class.”

DSC00114 Suzie grew up in a close community of family and friends, where every night she sat down to dinner with her brother, mother and father as well as, invariably, extended family or friends. “This tradition of family meals formed a major part of my own family life with my husband, Michael and our three sons. It is really important. I love what I do. I believe that if you are driven by a passion, and you believe in yourself, you can make it work. I love to have my kitchen full of people joining me in a wonderful journey of cooking balancing taste, ingredients and flavours.

Eternally inspired by her African upbringing Suzie has even handmade her students’ aprons from kikoys which are a type of Kenyan sarong. Classes are kept small and with feedback like ‘Emily has had an amazing week. She loved every minute of it. Food has all been wonderful and very tasty. Thank you so much. Will you be doing another course?’ she’s definitely on to something.”

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