Do you have a ‘Someday I will’ list?

I love blogging. Never was I a diary keeper as a child, although as a young person I did log certain events and times in my life. I was a collector of poetry, ridiculously romantic excerpts from birthday cards, quotations, a bibliophile, a day dreamer…….and someday I was going to write a book.

“She reads books as one would

breathe the air,

to fill up and live.”

I did not have the internet, tablets, mobile phones. There was no reddit, buzzfeed, twitter, instagram, facebook, kindle…..this new world is amazing. And better in lots of ways – although I do love paper, pens and books.

What I enjoy most about blogging is the feedback I get. So encouraging that my readers find some of what I ramble on about interesting. Tinkering with the pages, adding photographs, linking pages to each other, adding new pages to the top bar and so on. I am fast becoming an expert! I impress myself.

With starting a business comes a fair few trials and tribulations. Not to mention challenges. Quite straightforward things become time consuming – for example finding the right packaging for my wonderful makes. You have to search for weeks, looking for the right sort of boxes to keep your goodies safe, snug and in great condition. What seems to be relatively minor now was at first really scary. But, even now almost 3 months on £30 might as well be £3,000! Every penny counts and it doesn’t pay to be wasteful.

The scariest thing for me was writing my resignation before I took the plunge. I didn’t write a letter in the end but sent an email. With trepidation I constructed it, my heart thumping, my hands shaking and my stomach churning before I pressed send.

It was done and there was no turning back. School and college were in the past. I was making my own future now. Not dependant on anybody except me. I changed my status to ‘Self-employed.’

My future feels organic; it seems to be making its own way – it is not as simple as baking or cooking; it is multi-faceted. Sourcing materials, equipment and packaging is another aspect and then there is the book keeping and finance. Goal setting takes on a whole new dimension and I am learning about realism and freaming (dreaming too much, never going to happen – urban dictionary).

But then, this (old) woman is determined!

I will end by sharing an idea with you (if you have made it this far). This idea needs to get off my ‘Someday I will….’ list! It has been there far too long.

I am going to write a book and sell through my blog (I’ve been listening to podcasts about how to make money from a blog). Most likely it will be a collection of ideas and recipes for those who can’t be bothered (or don’t have the time) to scroll through my recipe roll. So for 15 minutes every day, for three months, I will sit down and write. What will I have at the end of that time?

We shall see.








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  1. Jackie says:

    How exciting! Can’t wait to buy the book. Keep writing- you have such a gift and entertaining way of telling stories. You’re an inspiration!


    1. Thank you – after that post I haven’t written another!! Haha – too busy 🙂


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