Bread matters

My superpower is that I can bake. What is yours? My joy today is that I am inviting you over to learn to how to bake bread. It is exciting – this is going to be great!

Did I tell you I am married to a baker? This is why I didn’t make it onto the Great British Bake-Off. They would say he coached me. It was my bid for fame.

I found an amazing blog yesterday called  A Bread A day (An Year Long Adventure in Bread Making). The challenge was to make a different loaf every day for a year and this got me thinking. Our challenge will be to bake a loaf of bread every week for 52 weeks starting this week. This rule may not be hard and fast because we may decide we love fresh bread and want it more often! My part is that I will bake, photograph and post recipes and tips, some of which may well come from my baker-husband. I will also post tips on yeasts, flours, other ingredients, variations, shaping and techniques as well as the basics. In return from you is a promise to have a go, and tell me how you have got on. Soon you too will develop the superpower that is baking.

And super it is – simple fresh bread, without preservatives or additives, is extraordinary. In our busy, sometimes mundane, lives we need the extraordinary.

“If you have extraordinary bread and extraordinary butter; it’s hard to beat bread and butter”. Jacques Pepin

The rules

  1. Make a different bread recipe every week for 1 year.
  2. No special equipment
  3. No premixes.

What counts as bread?

Yeast breads – Baguettes, ciabatta, croissants, pizza, rye, pumpernickel, sourdough, brioche, bagels, barley, rice, sweet and savoury.

Quick breads – cornbread, tea breads, crepes, pancakes, pikelets, scones, muffins

Unleavened breads – matzo, crackers, flatbreads.

Weekly themes

Each week I plan to have a theme and will post a recipe/ tutorial with pictures which I will link to my recipe roll and to the list on this page too. In no particular order these are the themes. Sometimes there might be a “Whatever I feel like making” theme. Please join me in this and as always if you want anything specific do let me know. It’s going to be great and I am hoping that my enthusiasm is infectious. (Also, if you decide you want to attend a cookery workshop/ have a few lessons please do ask as I am trying to earn a living. Hehehe – I scratch your back you scratch mine). Before we start take a quick peek at the basics here Bread Basics

Basic White and Brown Breads Basic white bread – week 2    Brown Bread Rolls – Week 8

Breakfast Bread

Savoury Bread

Party Bread

Italian Bread      Polenta Bread       Wild Herb Focaccia – Italian Bread – Week 3    Sea Salt and Black Pepper Grissini

French Bread         Fougasse

American Bread

Milk, Honey & Oat bread. Milk, Oat and Honey Bread- week 5

Soya Bread



Middle Eastern Breads

African Bread


Chestnut bread

German Bread – Onion Kuchen


English Muffins, Crumpets and Pikelets Pikelets – Week 11

Scandinavian Bread

Beer Bread



Southern Corn Bread

Bath Buns

Sally Lun

Trail Mix Bread

Tea Bread             Tea Bread – Week 1

Greek Bread

Australian Bread

Gluten-Free Bread

Bread with herbs

Bread with fruit

Bread with Vegetables

Bread with Nuts

East Asian Breads (Japanese)

South West Asian Breads (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan)

Spanish Bread

Vienoiserie (rich, laminated breads)

Potent or Unusual Bread


Bread with Spices

Burger buns

Celebration Bread

Sourdough How to make a sourdough starter         White Sourdough – Week 9

Sweet sourdough           Chocolate Sourdough – Week 10

Wholegrain Breads

Malt loaf

Rye Bread (Gluten-Free) Russian Rye Bread with Coriander – Week 7



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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    I am really enjoying this challenge. Is anyone else baking with me? Scroll down the list or check the recipe roll for recipes in the Bread matters series.


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