Sneak peek – so why did I quit my day job?

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post called “Why did I quit my day job?”. I was really surprised. This one generated the most interest. A few comments (not many) but definitely the most views of all.

I am still surprised by this. But then, maybe not. So many people have said it is what they would love to do…and then gone on to give reasons as to exactly why they could not do the same as me. I never really gave a proper answer to the question of giving up my day job…to be honest I haven’t got one.

Maybe I’ve won the lottery or something?  How come I can afford to do this thing no-one (or few of us) can do.

The point is I am no different. My financial situation does not allow for giving up my job and having no income JUST LIKE THAT. Every time I have the conversation with someone as to why they can’t do this a voice in my head is telling me…”they think you are mad,” or “they think you will fail” In a way I think so too. But then I have another think. Why should I fail? And if I do will the world end? Will we lose the house, the car, the cat?

I   am sensible, have the skills needed and most importantly of all have the will to have a go. If the worst happens I can get a paid job – it will be OK. It is stressful and the hustle to get new clients is endless. I can see from social marketing trends that there is interest. People are watching me, following me, encouraging me…..I wait with patience knowing (hoping) that when I have done enough to earn people’s trust they will begin to place orders. Word-of-mouth. This is one of the ways I aim to achieve my business financial goals. Meanwhile, I have to STOP frittering money and only buy essentials. No more little presents to myself. Everything is strictly accounted for.

So, if you are thinking of going for it; becoming self-employed here are a few reasons why you are better off.

  1. You are your own boss.

You are free. Escaped from the rat-race. there is no higher-up governing you and every move you make. You are in control of what and how you do it. Yes, your client has a say in your product but they do not have any power in the how.

2.  You can earn more money

There are ways, you can deduct expenses in a way that you could not when you were employed. It is hard to start with and you have to take the cut but it is possible. (By the way – I hit my income target for my first month’s trading)

3. You spend less

On petrol (no more being stuck in traffic). You don’t buy your coffee/ there’s no office kitty. You do not go out and buy lunches.

4. Every day is different.

You are no longer crumbling away, having been handed a few sheets of paper or some garbled instructions by somebody who is in too much of a rush to explain things properly. Self-employment means you are forced to think, do create, adapt, change, grow. It is great. Fabulous.

5. Your work space is yours.

Mine needs work. It is not awesome – but it is early days.

6. You set your own work schedule

Fancy a lie in? Have one. Want some fresh air? Go for a walk. Not a great morning person? Work late.  I hate Mondays. Always have, harking back to school – not when I was a teacher but as a child. Oh boy I hated Mondays. I have given myself Monday as my day off because it is such a quiet day that I worry I will get no orders and I will fail miserably. so instead of spending it worrying I have turned the whole thing round and now it is my day off. Great. My boss is so understanding>

7. You can wear what you like.

Smart/ casual/ buff…whatever. There’s no dress code. If you fancy dressing up do…dress down if you want. It is OK.

8. You choose who you serve.

No more shouting, swearing, rudeness or arrogance. You are in control and you make the choices. You don’t do it because it is your job. You do it because you want to. You choose your customers. If you don’t like them/ don’t want to do business with them you say you can’t fit them in. Simples!

9. You can buy new equipment if you want to.

The same goes for stationary. You don’t have to ask for it and go through that painful hierarchical process. You just go out and get it, go back to work and do what you were doing. It’s amazing! I really like this one!

10. You are valued

You are no longer a worker-bee, part of a colony. You are the queen bee. You get credit for all that you have done (from yourself, from your customers and even from complete strangers).

11. You can have a day off.

If you are ill you can stay in bed or mooch about the house. You do not have to fill in forms, feel bad, beg forgiveness. You can take kids to appointments, visit the doctor, get your hair done.

12. No more dramas. No more meetings.

It can be a little isolated working alone, but there’s no office politics. No noisy, endless chatter, no shirkers. Oh and best of all – no endless, agenda-less meetings full of niff-naff and trivia and constant ya-da-ya-da-ya-da. If you want a meeting call a friend , meet them and have a coffee and a chat.





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