What Suzie did next.

My new passion is my ‘fledgling’ business. If you know me you know I am ruled by passion, emotion, energy and excitement. Planning, focus groups, post-it notes and my trusty notebook have re-ignited these emotions which were dampened in recent months.

My motivation has been strong, urged on by a need to be busy and keep my brain working. I am registered as a business, have an account, flyers and business cards. My daily routines are ‘forming’, and I feel as if I am working and not simply indulging myself. I am tired at night.

There has been a flurry of focus groups and lots of interest. My taste testers have gone down well. My menus need work – not all my dishes have been tried. Orders are slowly coming in. My ideas are being shaped by customer demand but this is good – there is some demand and I am flexible enough to be able to apply my skills in different contexts.

I read that it takes months to gain a customer, minutes to lose one. My passionate, emotional character is an impatient one. Whilst I can see the sense in the comment from my father-in-law that I don’t want to be so busy that I find I can’t cope, I would like to be busier.

So today I am making cake-pops to take to a couple of local businesses to give as samples as they have kindly offered to hand out flyers and business cards. Rome was not built in a day. Everything comes to you in the right moment. My business is a baby, I mustn’t compare it to others that have been going a few years or more. All in good time.

Can I finish with a little thank you? For reading my blog and telling me you love it. That makes me feel awesome. Asante!


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