What is the most critical ingredient?

Inspiration is everywhere! It’s surrounds us in words, music,  quotations, books, paintings….all you need do is breathe in and look and it is there.

In recent years I find myself in front of a computer screen and I gain inspiration from social media websites like Pinterest, Twitter and instagram. I’m all over it you’ll even find me on Google+. I’m on face book too but have yet to get a You tube channel.

It’s true then that the most critical ingredient (to success) is as simple as getting off your bum and doing something. Lots of people have ideas. Great and good ones.Amazing ones.  But there are only a few who do something about them. If I had a tenner for everyone who said to me they’d love to do what I have, I’d be….well better off than I am now!

So, acting on an idea. Not tomorrow, not next week….but today. I think you’ll agree with me. The true entrepreneur is a doer. Not a dreamer. It is so much easier to dream. In reality everything takes much longer and costs much more than you expect.So, what have I done today apart from write this blog post? I have sent 3 messages to local businesses offering a donation of a cake or some goodies in return for them displaying a poster and handing out flyers. I have written to IndexWiltshire a local online hub requesting them to feature me. You can find them here IndexWiltshire . I have found out about an inspiring lady who writes a blog about Swindon. It is called Born Again Swindon the link is here Born Again Swindon  I’m hoping to go to a business breakfast to hear her speak. And lastly, I am working up the courage to write a newspaper article to the local newspaper to publicise my self. So you see it has been quite a busy morning.

My inspiration…….(well some of it)

Yoga ….deep breathing, eyes closed, folding myself in half – this is where I get some great ideas.

Friends and offline conversations….with a giggle, a cup of coffee and a cake.

Writing…..problems solve themselves and ideas flow. 

My husband…….he’s amazing.                              

Cooking……feeding and
sharing food with others. Beautiful ingredients, beautiful recipes and beautiful stories about food.

Baking….in baking there is magic. It does not feel like work. It is beautiful.

See those meringue nests? And those hands are my husband’s hands



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