If you don’t follow your heart…..

…you might spend the rest of your life wishing you had.

After a day spent cooking and baking and covered in flour (Friday) I spent Saturday networking and delivering. I am enjoying my new venture. Some days I forget to have lunch, or I have my first coffee break at 1:00pm.

I am strict with myself – when everyone has left the house for work (around 8:00am) I make sure that I start work too. Essentially a bit of a lazybones, my flip side is that I am a ‘doer’. I like to be busy. To know what is around the corner, be able to plan what I am going to do and then get on and do it. I try to stop at 4:30pm but it’s a bit hard because I feel I need to put everything in so that I get something out. This being self-employed malarkey is a bit nerve-wracking. I find Sunday’s a bit tricky….what will I do tomorrow?

Last week I tweeted:

“Feeling sick with nerves today tomorrow is Monday and my first full week of being self-employed with only 1 order for a cake on Saturday.”

Soon enough I got this lovely reply

positive thoughts it’ll soon get word of mouth good luck & I look forward to seeing more of your bakes thank you Tom – @icedrainbow.

By yesterday I was exhausted and you see, the week was not spent on one cake alone!

I met some lovely ladies yesterday, one high-fived me and the others said I was really brave.

How have I done it? Watching a celebrity on T.V. this morning she told the presenters on a show she had been terrified about making a change in her life. After years on T.V and radio (she’s really well known) she decided to write a cookery book. She said she took photos of food she had made, typed out the recipes and took them to a publisher. She now has a book out and is this morning, guest chef on Channel 4.

Hmm. Wonder if that’d work for me?

Let me tell you what has worked for me. I found this brilliant book in the library. I recommend it highly. In the first few weeks after I decided to quit my job, when all I could a woman's guidedo was sleep and wanmumpreneurder around the town, in shock and panicking and thinking “What am I going to do? What am I going to do?” I would go into a local coffee shop and sit and read it. It was fab …although I did not get any advice as to how to deal with nasty comments. Only one person has been horrible. “You didn’t last long in teaching” she sneered. Hmm, I didn’t bother to explain the sheer amount of heartache, terror and sadness I was going through. And also, I think fourteen years is quite a long time!

Another book that I have
found useful is Annabel Karmel’s Mumpreneur. I would also recommend this one. I find the title a bit grating though. What do you think?

To end this post let me quote a couple of reviews from my customers.

From my ladies who ordered some lasagne for their girlie weekend away “lovely meal thank you Suzie

And from the lady who had the cake: Just to say that the chocolate birthday cake you guys provided for my husbands birthday was a huge hit, everyone said it was beautiful and yummy delicious – cannot recommend you guys enough and will certainly use you in the future – many thanks.           Part 8 What is your mojo?

Chocolate cake



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