Why did I quit my day job?

Eek. I did it. I quit teaching. The square peg in the round hole; the person who was never quite on the same page as the rest of them. Don’t get me wrong….I love teaching, I was not a lousy teacher or anything but that spark of creativity, that bit of me that was individual was slowly dying, I was miserable. A small cog in a large wheel struggling to conform and tick all the boxes.

I followed instructions, sat in meetings, taught lessons, wrote schemes of work, marked essays, embedded English and Maths, Equality and Diversity …..Every day there seemed to be more boxes to tick, it was rather boring to be honest. To me that is not what education is, how can you be inspiring, how can you ignite the flames of learning when the list of things that you must include is so long,  and of questionable relevance, that it takes up all the time given? It is crushing…overwhelming….sad….

I wanted some joy, challenge, fun, I wanted to kick out…..you get my drift?

“Quitting your day job to become a full-time entrepreneur is one of the bravest things you’ll ever do and if that’s what you’ve done, bravo.” Well yes I have done it. Go me. Some days I can’t quite breathe….money is not going to miraculously appear in my bank account…I’m going to have to really commit to this but I like my new boss…she is awesome! Something about this relatively short decision process as made me realise I cannot go back. I will not. This is going to work by hook or by crook!

I didn’t quit one job to start another. I quit a job and began a lifestyle. I’m pretty sure that I have chosen a life of ongoing learning. There are going to be some almighty screw-ups and successes and emotional highs and lows. This is going to take over my life. At the moment I am paying invoices from what little dosh is in the bank but after that I don’t know how I’m going to survive until the invoices are all paid.

So, I am the boss of everything. The manager, the marketing department, the HR department, Sales and Bookkeeping, Tax returns, Web design, Hiring, Outsourcing, Collaborating, and the main workforce…..all me.

I have jumped on the bandwagon and away I go. Hmmm…will I be able to take a cheeky day off?

But of course…my next beach holiday may well involve taking a laptop with me

My 9-5 (haha, as if….. I was a teacher! correction, still am!) but anyway my 9-5 is now  going to be my 24-7.

So my first morning at work has consisted of:

  1. Thorough clean of  kitchen.
  2. Checking in supplies order from delivery guy.
  3. Making fish pies to deliver to customers.
  4. Two dozen cupcakes for tomorrow (vanilla and Nespresso yourself flavours).
  5. Admin.
  6. Blogging.

I have to go now…the timer on the cooker is going off.



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