A whirlwind

Right now I am in the centre of a whirlwind – but not the kind that makes you hunker down.

In this whirlwind I shall spin around and stretch my arms high and wide and spin and spin. And enjoy myself.

It has been an extraordinary week. I was interviewed by a reporter from the BBC. About me. And then the BBC put the interview with me on an afternoon radio show. Woah! I can tell you that is strange and scary. And funny to hear yourself being asked, and answering questions about yourself – not in a “job-interview-ey” way but in an “I’m interested in you way”. I cried! She was so nice about me….said such lovely things. I guess I made an impression on her…but I was only being me although I didn’t sound like me. No trace of an accent, pretty well spoken, a bit of a jabberer I thought. She said I was obviously excited but I know I was really nervous. I didn’t swear once and at the end she said “I like a woman who uses the word faff!” My new tagline. One of the things that really struck me was that she had read my blog. That was mind-blowing. Someone from the BBC has read my blog.

That is awesome!

And what else this week. Here you go

  1. I collected my t-shirt with my company logo on it. Paid a fortune for it. Long story I won’t bore you with it.
  2. I spent a number of happy hours cooking taste -testers. I think maybe I am being to pricey for my potential customer but we both need to earn a crust so no worries. They’ll get scoffed by someone.
  3. I took bookings for my new Children’s Cookery Workshops and also some for meal deliveries.
  4. I made one more apron for (above)
  5.  I bought lots of new equipment.
  6. I wrote some policies and procedures and applied for insurance (daylight robbery, but essential). This reminds me. I must register with HMRC.
  7. I received my leaflets from Vistaprint. How did we manage without Vistaprint?
  8. I also received a set of blue plasters and a lettuce knife, from Amazon. How did we manage without Amazon?
  9. I am booked to attend a community event next week at a nearby village to showcase my stuff.
  10. I don’t have a number 10. My OCD won’t let me stop at 9 so I’ve added this.



In one of my first posts I said  there comes a time  when we need to stop, rest and re-evaluate our lives…We look at our lifestyle and ask what fulfilment means to us? What are our priorities? What skills have we acquired in our busy, varied lives? What about challenges? When the time comes will we be able to manage? How?


  1. What does fulfilment mean to me?

I want more challenge. I want more fun. I want to be happy. I want to be successful and inspiring. (Hey…..BBC people said I was amazing, brave and inspiring…..I managed to fool them! I am just me, a bit scared, a worrier, scatterbrained and sometimes bonkers!)

2.  What are my priorities?

I need an income – enough to pay the bills/ earn a living wage.

Family and friends.

Time for me.


Can I give up my car? ♥ Sad face. I might have to.

3. What skills have I acquired in my busy, varied life?

Plenty. I can tell you I am a Jill of all trades. I have slogged away at all kinds of jobs for years. I can do most things if I decide I am going to. I can talk to anyone. When I was a little girl my best friend’s father (Bill Martin – my role model) said of me,”This child can sit at the feet of a President or the fireplace of a servant and talk with them. She is the same with everyone, whatever their colour or creed.”

I tell you what…. the things people say about you can define you!

4. What about challenges? Will I be able to manage when the time comes? How?

I don’t really know. But what I do know is I am a bloody hard worker – not too proud or ‘up myself’ get on with whatever it is that needs doing. I am a procrastinator but in the last few weeks I have FORCED myself to get on with it. To be brave, go out, talk to people about my ideas, promote myself on social media, set myself goals and deadlines and celebrate my achievements.

A big challenge for me was to ring a radio show. I almost c****ed myself when the lady who answered the phone said, “Hello. BBC”. EEEEK!!! I had not prepared myself for what I was going to say so I twittered on about quitting my job.

My biggest challenge is to beat FEAR. It is no friend – it is an invisible nothing that has not even happened and may well never happen and yet it has such power! Pah! We fear what might happen, what people might say, what people might think. Pah!

A last list for you

  1. Stand out from the crowd
  2. Be organised (plan ahead)
  3. Understand the red tape.
  4. Be creative online.





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen says:

    This is so inspiring! I am really impressed and so excited for you Suzie. Well done and hongera sana! Good luck!


    1. Hi Helen! Thank you – I love that you can read my musings from so far away. 🙂


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