The Perfect Lasagne – is there any point in making my own pasta?

Last night I invited my focus group round for a meal to taste test my Luxury Beef Lasagne.

Why luxury you might ask?….What is so special about your lasagne? Ah well……my own freshly made pasta for one.



Is it realistic to say I shall be making my own pasta when I am in business? I’m not sure but I can say that it is certainly a very nice touch. If I was a customer I’d be very happy to know someone took the time to make that pasta rather than cut corners with dried shop-bought stuff. So yes. I will be making my own pasta. Soon, I will be hiring staff….pasta making is so easy (but very time consuming).

In order to make my lasagne really special I decided to give it one of the most vital of ingredients. Time. You see – Lasagne is the most wonderful of comfort dishes if you get it right. It’s also a faff! You can make or buy a ready made passable lasagne. Sometimes the only word you can use for a lasagne is ‘woeful’. My aim is to construct a perfect lasagne, one that will pay you back over and over again. It will be delush! What I don’t want is for people to view my lasagne as a Shepherd’s Pie with pasta instead of potato.

Rule number 1.


My ragu, or meat sauce simmered away gently on the gas for 2 hours. the result was quite dry, the meat was fine and the sauce rich. I won’t give away my recipe though so enough about that!

I lovingly sent my pasta sheets through the rolling machine. After some research I rolled it through the widest setting 3 times, and then gradually reduced the settings down to 2 (from 7). The thinnest setting caused it to tear which meant I had to start again. I am no nonna, but it was worth the effort. ~ also, I figure it is fairly good exercise. At least for my right arm.

I spent a happy few hours rolling and spreading before I assembled my creation.


It was a success. Clean plates all round and a completely empty serving dish. As for feedback….

“Why would you even ask if it should be served with a salad?”

“It was good.”

“Why wouldn’t it be good?”

My focus group (aka my family) is discerning. My opinion? I did not get enough of it!

My father-in-law tells me if I am to go into business I need to go on a diet because once I start I will get fat with all the tasting I shall be doing. Wise man my father-in-law.


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