Part 4 – Building a cooking habit

The first thing I recall baking on my own was a cake. I was about 6 years old and was an avid reader.

Ours was a family of book lovers and I had a collection of books that had belonged to my Mother when she was a child. In one of these books called ‘In Teddy Bear’s House’ by Mrs. H. C. Craddock (Published in 1936) I came across a chapter called The Party where the characters a bear, and owl and an elephant called John baked a cake. Teddy invited his friends over and then made the party food with them (such a fabulous idea) Being a confident and self-assured child I took myself off to the kitchen and did the same – following the story. As you can see I still have the books. (Told you we are book lovers)

And so my cookery habit began.

Part 5 – The Gathering Place


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