Taste tests – Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne

I have started delivering some items that will feature on my first seasonal menu (coming to you very soon) to some willing volunteers for taste testing. You can view the menu and Price List here.

I want my testers to feed back

  1. What the product looks like when they take the lid off
  2. How long it takes to cook
  3. What it tastes like
  4. Whether they consider my price a fair one
  5. Any improvements
  6. Anything else they want to say about the product.

What I need is proper critiquing, a little unnerving but I am confident that I will get a positive response.

I thought a Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne would be great and used vegetables bought at our Thursday Market. I popped into the Healthy Life (our local health food shop) and bought some Organic 00 white flour (Doves Farm which is in Hungerford) for the pasta and I used eggs from the Spar Shop in Bath Road. Why am I telling you where I bought everything?- well – my aim is to use as much local produce from local suppliers as I possibly can.

I am not sure if it is realistic for me to expect to be able to hand make my own pasta once I am ‘in business’ although it is very simple and if I want quality then I’ll have to make it or make sure what I buy is good quality and local.

As I keep saying, soon, I will have to start working for my living.

Some photos for you to enjoy!

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