Home delivery service – coming soon

This is an exciting new adventure! Here’s a sneak peek at what we are planning.

Do you ever find yourself thinking you just haven’t got the time to cook something from scratch? Or you get asked the question “What’s for dinner?” and you wish it was something other than your usual fare?

Perhaps you are a busy with your job and your family? Maybe you are a professional singleton who wants to eat well but either you can’t cook or you don’t have the time? Are you an ’empty-nester’ who wants good food but you aren’t interested in cooking or you want to use your leisure time for the things you enjoy? Have you just left home and wish you’d asked your parents to teach you to cook?

Or maybe this is not for you but you’d like to give a gift voucher to someone who is moving house or just had a baby?

Well – let us take the decision making and effort away from you. Why not try one of our Delushious home cooked dinners. We can deliver to you (free for the first 3 months within 4 miles of Devizes) and we don’t mind you can try a one-off delivery or sign up to a regular delivery contract. Maybe you work in Devizes and can either collect your dinner from us or ask us to deliver it to your office so you can take it home and pop it into the oven?

My menus include some old favourites and we cook using all locally sourced products. We try to limit food miles and stick to ethnically sourced ingredients. We aim to make nutritious dishes focusing on taste, health and well being.

Full ingredient lists will be provided with every meal as well as heating and refrigerating/ freezing instructions and meals will be prepared in foil recyclable trays (oven only).

Seasonal menus will change every month and we will offer a dish of the week every week as well as extras such as hand-made breads, puddings and cakes.


Have a look at the menus and price lists below

Delushious Price List

Delushious ORDER FORM



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