Part 2

A few years ago. Another life. Another story. I learnt to cook while I was still a child. I believe all children should learn to cook. What pleasure is derived from helping to sieve the flour or to watch the golden syrup catch the light as it drips down from the spoon into the bowl!  To stir the cake, and take the bowl away after the mixture is in the oven and lick it clean! To enjoy the fruits of your own labour. Truly it is bliss.

So, my other life – my life in the land of my11722143_10204645925403672_3681249792849947101_o childhood. I was born in Africa, in the Kenya of dreams. A land filled with sunshine, beautiful days, huge gardens to play outside in, endless rolling miles of savannah, lake lands, abundant wildlife, fabulous beaches and a vibrant culture of ethnic diversity.

It is Kenya that defines me.

See Part 3 – My foodie safari


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